What A Sorry Situation Verizon and Visible!


Luckily I Got my money back when Visible could not deliver a new Iphone 14 Pro Max 256.  They charged my card right away and were supposed to ship in two business days.  Well that never happened!  I finally found out after four days and hours of waiting in the chat line because of "an unusual amount of traffic-(I wonder why?) that my order "Got Stuck".   I asked for a refund and that took several days--thank you phone gods!  I felt like WC Feilds was laughing at me--SUCKER!

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BAD THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS.  I was hoping as this is a Verizon company it would be first class-It's not.  It's service not as good as most of the third-world country's cell phone systems where I have lived.  This long chat time is a bad business plan and should have been fixed after the first week.  Have some respect for your customers Visible.  I am afraid you are headed for the cell phone company dumpster.