Account on permanent hold

Novice III

I have been trying for a week now to find out why my account has been put on permanent hold. It started last Sunday morning so I contacted visible thru chat (which is the only way for someone that doesn't have social media) and the first person told me that they just needed to turn something on, well that didn't work, so I msgd them back and the next person acted like I was covid and said, "your aunt is on permanent hold, we cannot continue this conversation" and bailed out of the chat on me, well I msgd them back and this time the bot came on there and said, "sorry to see you go, etc etc etc".... so I msgd them back again and that person avoided every question I had. So now this has been going on for a week now and still no answers, no service (that I paid for), no callbacks, NO NOTHING!

I even just got off chat with a worker that stayed on the line with me until someone he msgd caked me back, until he realized that I wasn't kidding when I said that NO ONE calls me back or responds to anything.


Oh and to top it off my wife (idk why we attempted this) signed up for service thru visible and they IMMEDIATELY suspended her account BUT TOOK HER MONEY, and once again with NO REASON WHY that happened, and will not return our calls or return the money.

My only option I have left is to file a police report for theft of my money, I don't want to, I just wanted to continue my service thru visible, but they've been VERY RUDE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL about this situation.

I've dealt with verizon in the past so I kind of knew better than to attempt service with another company they owned. 

But either way I WANT ANSWERS. 

If anyone else is having or had this issue please let me know what's going on or how you resolved it if you was able to resolve this, cause like I said the only other option I have it to file a police report for theft. 


Novice II

Unfortunately, you likely won’t get answers just avoidance. Very terrible customer service. Sorry to hear this has happened to you.

Yeah, and unfortunately I'm experiencing their terrible customer service at its finest, lol. 

Novice II

Try the chat on a weekday. The Friday chatters told both me and my husband crazy things, but I have since had helpful chatters.

Thank you, anything will help at this point, lol. 

Intermediate II

That works occasionally, but I’ve been trying to move to a different plan when I get through to someone they all tell me something different. Rep Thursday told me he opened a case and I have further questions about the case I should go to chat and give the case number to the rep.  I’ve been next in line for about a half hour now.

Novice II

I am having this same exact issue right now. Visible has taken my money and put a permanent hold on my account for no reason at all. I have gone through multiple chat sessions and have gotten no where. Visible is totally ripping people off with this.


Novice II

I am having this exact same issue.  Visible is stealing people's money and then denying them service for no reason.  That is theft in my book.