Anyone from party pay regret changing to new network?


Visible has emailed me twice now and sent me a notification recently about changing from my current party pay plan to the new $30 plan with a $5 ongoing discount. 

I am satisfied with the service I get now and am reluctant to change when I apparently can’t go back to the old plan and I am well aware of the pages and pages of legalese that I gave up on trying to wade through. 

I have an iphone SE3 and would like to hear other’s experiences about BOTH services and what anyone has gleaned are the DISADVANTAGES of changing over, now and over the long term.

I live in Burlington NC and spend time in California. 

Thanks in advance for sharing!


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In the last week I  upgraded my phone and my wife's phone to the new network.  The data speeds are anywhere  between .5 to 2 MBPS depending on the time of day.  Before the upgrade we were getting any where between 12 to 35 MBPS.

If it doesn't show an improvement soon we will be switching to another carrier.

I regret it.  I am in Central Texas so it may be different in your area.

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When I joined in July 2021 the speeds were super slow during the daytime, less than 1Mbps and I lived with it just fine for what I am paying. Around October on the old plan my speeds increased to the teens during the daytime and into the 20's late night, that was nice to see that. So I decided  3 weeks ago to switched to the new plan because of the deal and if they slowed slightly I figured it couldn't be any worse then when I first started here. The speeds actually improved to mid 30Mpbs and I even see speeds sometimes in the 40Mbps range after 10PM.


Even though some have experienced worse speeds you will have to realize that at some point you will have to switch to one of the new plans or lose service and have to leave. It sounded like maybe fall will be the tentative shutdown of the old system but I haven't saw anything written in stone. Will they keep offering the $5 off for legacy customer to the last day? Who knows. So why not change and get it over with now when there still is an offer.

How do you get the $5 off  for legacy customers?  They keep suggesting I upgrade, but when I go partially through the upgrade process, I can see clearly they will charge me $30/month.  There is nothing about a $5 discount.  So, I aborted it as I'm not paying more than $25.  So, just wondering how you are getting the $5 discount? 


I would like to change but Visible's compatibility checker says my MOTO G Stylus 5G 2021 is not compatible even though it is working on the old plan. They add that they are working to make more phones compatible.


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They told me that 4 months ago and my Motorola G Power(2021) is still not compatible yet I was able to activate a card in it so not sure what makes it not compatible besides Visible not taking anytime to update the database. 


If you want to switch just select iPhone SE 2022 and it won't ask for an IMEI number, make sure to ask for a card and not eSIM of course. There should be no reason why you can't activate it as I had no issues.

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Much regret, YES... because I am stuck with Visible Plan and a "$5 Valued Member Discount" when I migrated a few weeks back from Unlimited Plan, and  now Visible is offering a "$10 Valued Member Discount" on Visible+ Plan (this was and is the plan I really wanted to have), but it seems discount only applies to new migrations OR new accounts.


Very much regret, YES!

I haven't converted yet.  I do see the $35/month plan option, but if I click on that to upgrade, it then tells me I will be paying $45/month.  I would do it for $35, but not for $45 and not even for $40.  So, not sure how to really get that $35 deal.  Looks like a bait and switch to me.

I converted in Jan.  Occasionally when it switches to 5G I need to go to airplane mode.  Deprioritization is about the same. Switching to Visible+ should help.

However, I am very annoyed that Visible REFUSES to let me get the $35 Visible+ deal.  I switched on their request.  The solution from Kevin (supervisor) was to open a new account.  Sure I'd lose my 16 year cell number unless I ported it over to another service and then back.

  Visible: We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we understand how you might feel, but unfortunately, is beyond our control to change the promotion into the system. 

Way to treat a 3 yr customer. So close to leaving.

Yeah, that's really not smart.  They are forcing us all to port to another carrier, and then come back if we want the deal.  But maybe we don't come back.  Great way to lose customers!  🙂


What makes it even more frustrating is it shows me the $25 and $35 deals to upgrade, and I'm like, cool, so I click on them but then they switch the price, $25 becomes $30 and the $35 deal becomes $45.  😞

Check your email. It appears that Visible is offering an Visible+ upgrade promotion for those of us who changed earlier.



Visible is saying the upgrade is mandatory but this video on YouTube from Visible Chief Commercial Officer Jeremy Boulton says that Party Pay customers are not required to change their plans.

Pls go to YouTube and search Michael Timmermann UPDATE: What’s Next for Visible Party Pay Members, since I can’t post the link. 

It’s all very confusing and I can’t get reach anyone at an executive level to clarify. 
I just want to confirm, when you did the network upgrade, did you lose your Party Pay plan? This plan is supposed to be grandfathered in and will always lock in the rate of $25. Without it, customers are not protected against rate increases in the future. 
But will our service really be discontinued if we don’t upgrade to a new plan/network? If so, Visible is opening themselves up to a Class Action suit for misleading their legacy customers!!


Any knowledgeable replies will be greatly appreciated. 

One of the many emails I’ve recently received all saying I have to upgrade!!! 

Upgrading isn't recommended.
It's required.
Upgrade to our faster network. Still $25/mo. Do it now to avoid service interruptions. Log in to upgrade 
As we move to a new network, you must complete this required upgrade. Once you do, you’ll enjoy:
Faster network response times
Less lag (for improved gaming and video experiences)
Improved call reliability
The same unlimited data
The same $25/mo rate
Offer disclosure: Offer Ends 05.02.23; subject to change.