Galaxy Note 8


Hello. I am a Verizon customer looking to switch over to Visible. I still own a Galaxy Note 8 and am wondering if my phone will work on the Visible network. Thank you



Visible has a compatibility checker here:


If you do join Visible to maximize your savings, I would do the following:


Are you a member of Rakuten? If not use this link:


If you join, and then use a link and spend $30, you will get a $30 rebate (and so will I, thank you in advance).


Join, then use the link on Rakuten to join Visible:


You can earn up to a $15 rebate by using the link.


When you join, I would appreciate you using this link:

When you use my friend code, 36mt7h, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5 (and I will too, thanks again)!


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