How to return a device

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Devices can be a lot of fun. But what’s not a lot of fun is returning it for any reason. There’s a lot of moving pieces in the process, so this forum is about bringing clarity to it all. And if this post doesn’t answer your question(s), this is the best place to ask. If you’d like to make a return, you can do so within 14 days as long as it has not been damaged. Just contact Care and ask for a return label.

When does the 14-day eligibility for returns/refunds begin?

14 days from the purchased/shipped date. For example, if your phone is shipped on the 1st, then you have until the 14th to contact Care for a return label. 

What if I don’t own a printer to print the return label?

Simply print the label out in a UPS store. Save the label to your phone, and you'll be able to email it to that specific UPS location. They'll print it for you, and it only costs a little over $1.

What happens if I sent my SIM card back with the device?

Visible is unable to retrieve a SIM card if it was included in the returned device. If this sounds like you, please contact Care to have a replacement SIM sent to you.

How important is it to turn off the Find My iPhone feature when I send my phone?

Incredibly important. Also, if you’re unable to remove Find My iPhone from the device, it will not be eligible for a refund since it can no longer be used.



Are these terms still valid? One of the community member is in need of return. Asking on his behalf.

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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I need help returning my phone within the 14 day period.  Does anyone know where to send it?  Chat has not been cooperative or helpful with the virtual assistant.


Hello, just wondering how to get the return process started as I did not receive a return label to send back my trade-in when I finally received my upgrade in the mail.  The upgrade did come with an envelope with return instructions and it says to use the provided return label but there is no return label. I have contacted customer support about this and have yet to receive an answer, but I'm sure there will be no hesitation when it comes time to charge me for a non-returned phone.


Just wondering what my options are because I never received a return label.  I purchased an upgrade and when I received it, there was no return label to send back the old visible phone I am turning in.  I did receive a white envelope with instructions telling me to use the return label provided, however I did not get one. I have contacted customer support about this and have yet to receive an answer.  I am sure there will be no hesitation when it comes to charging me for the phone that has not been received by Visible though.

Hello - have you received a return label? I have the same problem and don’t even know how to contact customer service.

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Please call me.  I need guidance on getting a return label and chat has not helped.

Same question - was this resolved? I have the same problem with no return label provided.


UPS stole my return phone 

I found they hsve done that before

I will use USPS in the future 

Beware UPS for any returns