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Community Manager

Visible Community is a place to connect with other members, ask questions, and much more. This forum is all about… Well, anything. It’s the general discussion forum, so think about it like an off-topic, Visible-themed discussion. We’d tell you some good questions to ask, but the opportunities are truly unlimited on this one. Have fun!

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Hey community manager, 

Any way to get customer service? I have tried the online chat, they could not help. I have tried twitter with no response. How do customers actually receive service?


Return label please

Novice II

Does Visible look at the community issues? I've been unable to place an order for over a week & I see that this issue has been going on for a year!!! VISIBLE FIX YOUR ORDERING SYSTEM! My card is charged, bank sees no issues on their end, but Visible cannot see payment is made. The problem is with Visible not the multiple credit card companies/banks or customers. 

How do you get  Unlimited minutes like unlimited text talking data and hotspot and how do you keep your cell phone number


I was told after 3 months' pay, I was eligible for free earbuds. Instructions to get them were to be emailed. Did not receive an email yet after 4 months


Hello, I need to speak to a manager with Visible about my account.  I’ve had 30 or more chats with careteam agents trying to get help with no luck.  The Visible app is not accessible and the phone purchased thru Visible is not working correctly.