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Samsung Galaxy Note8

I currently have a Galaxy Note8 on Verizon. Visible is telling me that this phone can not be used on their network and I will have to purchase a new phone. It was my understanding that Visible was reselling Verizon. I don't understand why this Verizo...

T-Mobile Oneplus 8T Works with Visible...

Just wanted to give a brief fyi that the tmobile oneplus 8t unlocked does work with visible, seems fine. the only drawback i see is that 5G does not work yet with this device. hopefully a visible update will fix that. would be nice if a visible emplo...

OnePlus 8 Update

The Visible model of the OnePlus 8 is now 6 months behind (!) on security updates, hasn't been update since November of last year, and is still running Android 10. When will Visible get its crap together and take responsibility for this mess and fix ...

dvb by Novice II
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  Hello has it taken anyone else 24-48 hrs to activate your phone?

Lindaw by Newbie II
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Appreciation post: for Visible customer care

I realize that Visible wants customers to contact them in non-traditional ways, including Tweeting/DMing them. I want to say thank you to the hard working people that work in customer care. They genuinely try to help, they read the submitted question...

beav by Superuser
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Would love to see my Oneplus 8T getting 5G...

Hello all!Something very simple, oneplus 8t should most definitely get support for 5G. Is capable super fast and the newest oneplus model.I currently have a oneplus 8t with visible but it kind of bothers me that we are wasting the true potential of t...