New Plan Being Pushed

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So, Visible is pushing us all really hard to switch to their new Upgraded Network. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what is different about the new network? Is the frequency different, or channels, or I don't know. They're pushing really hard for the change though. Getting lots of text and email messages about if I don't switch, I could lose my number and get disconnected. I'm thinking it's all smoke and mirrors.


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From what I have read when Verizon started Visible it was basically like a beta test and used cloud based servers to handle the service. Last August Visible upgraded the system to use Verizon's core system which is a separate system all together. It was announced at that time that sometime within a year the old system you are still on will be shut down.


Back in February when they finally offered the valued member discount I decided to upgrade and I get slightly improved data speeds and the service is the same. You now have two options for plans and one of the emails should have the option of $35 for the plus plan if that interests you. I did the basic plan which is basically the same as the old plan and I am getting the exact same service for the same $25 that I was paying on the legacy/party pay plan. 


One issue you might have is that your phone may show not compatible. You can hold out and ignore the email and text upgrade notifications as long as you like but keep in mind once the deadline is announced you will either have to upgrade or lose service. One other thing is on certain phones they now have been able to enforce the one device limit on hotspot and I think it is mainly iPhones.