Porting nightmare


I can not seem to get visible to port my number. It’s been 5 days of excuses and broken promises. Even with a supervisor. The original company keeps stating they are not recieving any port out requests from visible. And visible keeps saying they are waiting on them. My original company even gave me the SPID to give them and even asked me to get a port request number from visible. Which they won’t provide. This is the worst i have ever had the many times I’ve posted my number over the years. 


I have never had any issue with this.  Most companies give you a special port out pin that isn't your account pin.  Call the company you are porting from and ask them for a port out pin.  Then give Visible the account info with that temporary port out pin.  You will need I believe the account zip code, account number and that temporary port pin you get from the carrier you want to bring your number from.  If this helps you please mark it as a solution.

What exactly does "account zip code" mean? The billing zip code does not work. Other Visible comments indicate that "service zip code" is what works. Does anyone know exactly which zip code is needed when requesting porting of existing C Spire number to Visible? Who would know? C Spire or Visible? Any assistance would be appreciated. You only get 5 tries then locked out!