Visible to Verizon - A Nightmare

Novice II

I am seven days into the "migration" and it's still going, and still a nightmare. I'm here to tell you to try and get all of the information you need before making this switch. Even then, I'm not convinced this is going to be possible for me. 


Moving from Visible to Verizon is a migration, not a port...but ultimately they seem to be the same. I have been on the chat with Visible and Verizon reps for HOURS (7+ hours today and counting). The number was finally released after being "stuck" for 7 days...only to be stuck still. Visible cannot reactive because they released the # but it's still a Verizon number (for all I know). I can only assume my number is lost forever at this point. Verizon cannot access it at this time.


We are trying to create a temporary number with Verizon at the moment. And then hopefully my old number can switch over, but I am not optimistic. 


I will say that the baseline customer service reps were kind and helpful, but I would have appreciated more details, the ability to talk to someone on their 'next level' support, and accurate wait times. I was told 4 hours and it was 7 days. I also at this point think that they are talking me in circles. The "issue" today was the same issue that was escalated week and apparently resolved this morning...but somehow the # is still stuck.


If anyone has had a successful switch over to Verizon, I'd love to hear it. 


Novice III

Hey! I switched last week from Verizon to Visible and had my number ported over. I used the esim option and I had no issues whatsoever. I had everything migrated/ ported within an hour and up and running like nothing happened. I had to unlock two factor before I switched and had to make sure I had the pin but other than that it was super smooth for me. 

Switching from Verizon to Visible was about as easy as could be for me.

Novice II

Feeling your pain. We have four lines on Visible and are still trying to get our numbers ported (ported? transitioned? transmogrified?) to Verizon.

Apparently, this process is nearly impossible because Visible is owned by Verizon and runs on Verizon towers.

I guess it worked out for Visible. My wife got so frustrated with the process that she said it was easier to just stay with Visible. 

Novice II

I finally found a solution with the help of an amazing Verizon store rep (who had no benefit in helping me for hours and hours!). What ended up happening was we got fed up and figured I had lost my number in the switchover. Visible kept telling me that yes, they were at fault, but they were working on it. Which wasn't very assuring but we caved and I got myself a new number.


Once I had the new number, I made a few calls and everything was fine - until it wasn't and the new number stopped working. I go back to the Verizon store and we decide to use my phone to call his cell phone and low and behold - my old (seemingly LOST number) shows up! I got my old number back and the transfer over was successful. 


What worked for me was getting a temporary number on Verizon (a placeholder of sorts) and then the old number took it over. I hope this helps!!