What I would like to see from Visible

What I would like to see from Visible is more reliable service. Faster and useable data and hot spot that works reliably. There are times the data and hot spot is unusable. If they made these changes Visible would be an awesome service. I suspect you would get a lot of the customers you lost back if you did this.  I'm going to partially quote a article that I'm going to post the link to.  The gaps in data speeds can't be this big.  Our Verizon-connected OnePlus 6T averaged 112 Mbps downloads across five tests in Pennsylvania. How did the Visible iPhone fare, in the same location at the same times? Just 37.5 Mbps.    That is way to big of a gap.  I hope Visible improves.  I have a friend who was with Visible for close to 3 years.  He reported the same things I did about speeds etc.  His opinion is Visible doesn't care.  I hope that is proven wrong.  I like Visible's upgrade program the unlimited data and hot spot are awesome when they work.  Here is to an awesome 2022.    article link.  





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