What's your fastest Visible Blade X1 5G speeds? (On 5G & LTE)

Novice III

As the title says. What's your fastest speeds? & How do you set the phone to 5G only or 4G LTE only?


Intermediate III


Right now I am experiencing almost same speed with 5G and 4G LTE. I am getting 60 Mbps max. 

Are you in a congested area? I am and the phone is stuck on 5G. Do you know how I can change it to 4G LTE? 


If you are using android and cannot find the way to change carrier mode to 4G, you can download app called Force 4G LTE Only or similiar app. This will help you to change carrier mode.

Ok thanks! 

Have you tried that trick to get 4G LTE?

Did it work?

This will only work on android. Is there any trick for iphone?

I found out how to switch to 4G on the phone. 😄