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New terms & conditions

So I just got the email with the mandatory notification of any changes in terms of service and after reading it through I'm rather appalled. I'm with Visible because they offer a great price-I'm on the $35 plan for almost a year now and I have two li...

Can’t change my adress

I’ve had Visible a couple of years now and have never been able to change my address via the app or logging in without the app. The web chat folks don’t believe me. Told me I had to report the problem via an email with screenshots and details to prov...

LouLou by Novice II
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787 Area Code

We have 787 (Puerto Rico) area code. Is it possible to transfer to Visible?

Why we should leave

I think Visible is a good deal. Better through the end of this month as new customer accounts are $5/mo cheaper for 24 months. I’m happy for others to get a deal and will share the promo news. Visible doesn’t owe me or anyone anything, but it irks me...

YHank by Novice II
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Phone compatibility

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I know it's unlocked because I've used different carriers before and it was unlocked by me. Why are you saying that it's not compatible? I want to use your service and I don't want to buy a new phone because I just bou...

Sign up

We have two lines and one phone is compatible but the other isn't. We need new phones but need to keep our existing phone numbers due to work and Lifeline for elderly parent. What is the best process to move forward