bug with opening new account

So I've spent my entire afternoon trying to get this resolved with the help desk. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is but they aren't capable of either fixing it or letting the developers know to fix it. Problem: Have an existing phone number on another service. Want to purchase a phone from Visible and transfer the existing number to Visible. Have the other account not be using the same address as my credit card. (sibling created the account, doesn't live with me) Enter in the other account details to get the number transferred, and my current credit card details (and address) for the billing of the phone. Card declined...the bank tells me it's because the wrong address or zip is being submitted. Have it IMPOSSIBLE to remove or view or edit the existing card information on visible.com. Not have another card or payment option to use. Pretty sure what's happening is that the card is being submitted with the address and zip code from the other service. Why? Because most people transferring phone numbers will not have the addresses mismatch. And the developer is confused, and just uses one of the several zip codes available. (shipping, billing, and other service info) Try to explain this to customer service? Yeah, right. Give up, and ask if he can verify that a phone I will just buy from amazon will work. He checks and comes back with "you need to use the IEMI number to check." because obviously a store on amazon is going to be able to give me the IEMI number of whatever they will actually end up shipping me.

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Hi @ohgodskillmenow. I'm sorry you're having this issue. I've let a specialized team know about this and they should be reaching out to you to help.


Hi, this is off topic a little.  I'm an older person & don't do social media. I was told by CS in a chat that social media "Facebook or Twitter" was the only resolve for being billed twice for this month's service.  Do you know of another way by chat, text, or email?  Thanks