Account on Hold

Novice II

After an agent tried redownloading my eSIM on 5/4, my service abruptly stopped.  When I tried contacting Visible via Chat, they told me my account was on permanent hold.  When I asked why and what I could do, all the agent would say is that they could not continue the chat as the account was on hold.


I have been without mobile service since 5/4, no help from Visible Chat Customer Service.  HELP!!!!


This is not acceptable can one of the managers or Visible people please private message this person. This needs looked into immediately.

This was never resolved. I was left with no other option than to get service from another carrier. Very disappointed.

Wow if Visible wants to become a serious player in the Wireless industry they can't have these kind of issues.  Something needs to be done.  Would you ever give Visible another chance say a few month down the road?


Visible's "solution" was to cancel my service after six days of being without service and no resolution to the issue they created on their end.  Now that my account was canceled they are not willing to offer me any sort of credit for the time that I was without service DESPITE the fact that I requested a refund prior to the cancelation of my account.  Very poor treatment by a company owned by such a huge corporation.

Novice III

I had the same issue with them. How did they resolve it?

They canceled my account and refuse to offer me any sort of refund. You can try contacting…

VISIBLEARBITRATIONS at visible dot com & visible dot escalations at verizon dot com & community at visible dot com but they likely won’t help.

I feel you on the comment "they likely won't help", it just blows me away that they can get away with theft like this, it's ridiculous.

But thanks and I might as well give it a shot. 

I like your other post. File a police report. I may do the same. There seems to be some scam going on here.

I've already talked to an officer and they will consider it theft if I'm not getting any services that I paid for, and what really hurts them is going silent about the issue, like it's the illuminati, or secret service crap, they literally leave me hanging after telling me, "there's a permanent hold on your account, at this time we can't move forward with your request", and just vanish....

But luckily I've screenshot and recorded every conversation I've had with them (cause I was paranoid about them from the beginning, lol), it's pathetic that I have to do that but seriously ya know. It also happened to my wife and all she did was sign up. 

I honestly think Verizon is using visible to gain back money they've lost in the past and during covid....

They're catching all of the ppl that leave them because they're tired of being ripped a new one, and have left owing a large amount.

Think about it, 100 thousand ppl are nothing to Verizons 120 MILLION customers, so they scam, just say, 100 thousand ppl going to visible for even 25 bucks (not to mention the ppl that have paid the full 40 bucks) and that comes out to 2.5 MILLION they gain from ignoring the customer and pushing them here and there until they say, "screw it" and give up.

It definitely needs to be investigated!