Anybody else having issues trying to purchase a phone and plan?


I've been trying to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro Max along with the $30 Plan, but no matter which method of purchase I use it keeps saying that there's an issue with my payment method.


I tried contacting customer service, but everybody knows how that turned out (if not, I spent most of the day waiting, just to have the chat request screen disappear and the page reset itself)


Anybody have a solution?



Your credit card company could be treating the activity as fraud. Call them and verify it is you making the purchase. 


Same issue. I have 5 active accounts with VIsible. Now buying one more (6th) and it won't let me purchase the phone. Here is my interaction with VisibleCare


They basically told me I can't become a customer.


AND it is not my credit card - I have tried 2 different cards + Paypal. I have tried different billing address too.

I have the same issue tried Venmo PayPal and my debit card. I belive they are scamming or personal data in order to sell it cause once the data's there it stays for 120 days. So for 120 days they can share our info with third partys it's completely messed up deal.