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I performed the visible network update this a.m. My Visible iPhone Uses an eSIM on the secondary line, and no physical Sim in the device.  After completing the update, there was no option for Wi-Fi calling under settings cellular. After chatting with Visible, I was told to restore my phone however, the Wi-Fi calling option still is not available.
I am in an area with very poor Verizon cell service and do require Wi-Fi calling often. Has anyone else had issues with this update or the ability to use Wi-Fi calling?


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Apparently, Apple no longer shows Wi-Fi calling under cellular. It is now moved to settings, Phone, and then Wi-Fi calling ….to turn off or turn on.

wi-Fi calling is quite helpful when you have a weak cellular signal but a good Wi-Fi connection.

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What iOS version are you running? 16.3.1 was released today

Yes, running iOS 16.3.1.

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Apparently, Apple no longer shows Wi-Fi calling under cellular. It is now moved to settings, Phone, and then Wi-Fi calling ….to turn off or turn on.

wi-Fi calling is quite helpful when you have a weak cellular signal but a good Wi-Fi connection.

It must be device specific as my setting is in both places, cellular and phone,  on my iPhone XS on iOS 16.3.1.


I have a situation similar to that of the original poster: I currently have Verizon service, and coverage in my house is almost nonexistent.  Wi-Fi calling is an improvement, but many times the calls still don't come through.  It's bad enough that Verizon is considering providing a network extender to be placed inside my home.


Since Visible uses (and is owned by?) Verizon towers, I'm wondering if the Verizon network extender would provide coverage to my phone if I change to a Visible plan.  Does anyone have any experience with this type of scenario?




Verizon network extender is antiquated technology. 

Modern mobile phones have inbuilt them as Wi-Fi calling.

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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The Verizon extender will provide coverage to Visible devices as long as it is registered to a Verizon account first. It doesn’t activate without being registered to a Verizon account.

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Since the latest sim they sent me, the wifi option is gone on mine too. I can put the old sim back in and it is there again, of course, it cant make a call since the sim is not registered. This is clearly a Visible issue with the way they are programming sims.

Try going to  settings, Phone, and then Wi-Fi calling ….to turn off or turn on.

i have the same problem did another sim correct it

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yes it worked until i upgraded the network as told do do so with a new sim card

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After hours on support chat, they finally escalated this and assigned a case #. We'll see if it gets resolved. Where I work half the time there is no cell coverage, so I really need this to work.

They are sending me another sim good luck with yours. When you get a reply that says solved they will tell you to restart your phone. It's definitely not your phone causing the problem.

Yes, resetting the network just losses all your network connections, and doesn't resolve the missing wifi.

I am still dealing with brain-dead support people that can't seem to grasp that there is NO wifi calling option anymore.

Let us know if the sim fixes yours please.

Hope so I lost all cell service when they ordered the new sim please let me know how you make out. Those idiots tried to get me to reset my phone to factory 

Unbelievable. There is an application that carriers use to program features into a sim. They can enable or disable a ton of options depending on what they want to offer. They just need to find a person with that capability and get it done. Maybe someone from Consumer Cellular can help them 🙂

I am a retired network engineer for Verizon. The people running the switching equipment definitely could fix that and more. It's all software at that point.

Please let me know how you make out. You should receive an answer soon. I lost all phone service because they ordered a new sim. They said it was security reasons. I get the new sim tuesday

I got another sim and it still doesn't work they started another case number. Btw what kind of phone to you have

I have a Motorola One 5G UW Ace that I purchased from Visible. It worked perfectly till I did the "service upgrade" a month ago. If I put the old Visible Sim in, it shows the WIFI calling option. I also tried an old Sim from a Straightalk phone that used the Verizon network, and it shows WIFI also. If I put the new Visible Sim into either of my old Samsung phones, there is no WIFI calling option. They also told me if they send a new Sim that I will have no service till it arrives, unbelievable. I use this phone for work every day and can't just be out of service till a sim arrives. Even more irritating is the fact that you went through this pain and it solved nothing. I have read elsewhere that Verizon disables WIFI calling on unlocked bring your own phones. At about the same time I lost WIFI calling, Motorola did a security update, but I don't think that is the problem, since the issue follows the sims. Oddly my wife has a TCL phone on the same service that shows the WIFI calling option, but when you try to turn it on it starts the process, then fails, saying it can't be completed at this time. I think this new Visible service just doesn't support it. My only option may be to switch carriers, but Verizon has the best service here. Maybe Talkatone. BTW what phone do you have, and did you get it from them? What a nightmare this has become.

I have a Motorola one 5g ace. Got it from Amazon 1 yr ago. Wife has apple 11 which still has wifi. I am on vacation and I will try it on my Motorola g6 when I get home. 

After countless hours talking to a fence post at Visible, I found a simple solution, switched carriers and voila, WIFI calling. They screwed up the programming of these SIMs and no one there has the expertise to fix it. Too bad, the service worked great till this latest "upgrade".

We're reaching out regarding your Wi-Fi calls. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing and thanks for notifying us about it.


While we do not find any current outages or degradation in your location, there is an opportunity for us to improve our service/coverage.


We have marked this area of concern and will evaluate it to ensure your experience meets your expectation/is satisfactory.


Please be advised that signal strength may also reduce during times of high network usage in your area. Our team of engineers is aware and working diligently to improve stability.


We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with us while we worked this out. If you need assistance regarding any other concern, tweet @VisibleCare, tap Help in the app, chat in through the website or send us a message on the Visible



Who did you go with. Was it easy to switch carriers 

Oddly enough it was Straightalk, which also uses Verizon towers. same coverage, just a little more expensive. I really liked Visible till they Upgraded their system. WIFI setup took 2 minutes. I absolutely need WIFI calling, so had no choice.

A lot of companies use Verizon towers. Visible uses their network so signal is the same. I hope your straight talk signal is good too

When I get home in 10 days I will put this sim in my older phone. I bet it works. So if I ever need wifi calling for a while I'll use that phone. My wife's phone worked with upgrade also. 

Weird, I have the exact same phone and got it from the exact same place and also have this issue

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I just switched to Visible and I don't want to have to switch again for Wifi calling to work on my phone....A Motorola Moto One 5G Ace

I hope you have better luck than I had. After countless hours on support chats, they just keep saying click on WIFI calling. Of course, there is no option for this, but they just keep saying to click on WIFI calling.

Looks like visible doesn't like our phones since the upgrade

What aspect was upgraded? Also, since all 3 of us on this thread have the same phone, anyone notice issues with the bottom mic and an echoing sound for calls?

Mine had the echo sometimes too.

I am a telecom engineer. The echoing sometimes happens to all carriers. This is because it's half duplex. That's why if you both talk at the same time it cuts the other person out because it can only transmit and receive in one direction at a time. Land lines are full duplex hence better quality speech feature. I am going to wait it out because I don't want to change since the coverage is actually Verizon network not just using their towers.

They said the network about 1 month ago and we needed a new sim. No problems echoing or mic for me 

I just transferred to this service yesterday and I want it to work. I think they sent me an updated sim card

Let me know what happens

They are now saying it's because we don't have Android software version 12 or 13