Does visible = Verizon in overall cell service?


Looking to switch from Verizon business plan to visible. 

Are they effectively the same service? Same towers? Same speeds on the same phone? Etc


i have Verizon sim and visible sim on iPhone 11 in the 15 day trial. As wife drives, I surf.  I see signal strength different some times. 


this post says visible doesn’t access some bands?


anyone know if that’s accurate?


I really like Verizon cell service but can save w visible.  

but I want to know what I’m getting into before porting my phone #


Visible uses Verizon towers but it's definitely not the same quality service and the speed is much much slower sometimes Verizon customers will have service and visible customers will not have sometimes Verizon customers will have data and visible customers won't have but if saving money is better for you it's worth it

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Simply stated, the only thing they have in common is the Verizon network architecture. They are separate entities each with their own business plan.

In my experience, Visible support is nearly invisible; all Visible data is de-prioritized during heavy usage periods (you're at the bottom of the totem pole versus others on the Verizon network including MVNOs unless you opt for the Visible+ plan's premium data; hot spot data is limited to 5 mbps and use by 1 device at a time - some phones will enforce that but regardless 5 mbps is not something you want to be sharing between multiple devices anyway; detected video streaming is throttled to a speed typically sufficient for 480p resolution; some non video activity may also be detected as coming from a source that is video (e.g. Netflix downloads as well as streaming)

Your mileage may vary on some of the limitations depending on location.

Plan ahead and thoroughly exercise the trial before committing - many reports of trouble porting and it will be your first experience with "Chat" if you have problems. Look before leaping... Read and understand the legal disclosures at

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I haven’t noticed any throttling with video in the plus plan. I have had the same and in some cases even better service than when I had Verizon which is strange but it is what it is. Overall very happy with visible. I suggest the plus plan for that premium data. 

The visible plus does give you good data but when it comes to big downloads Verizon will be much faster 

I did some testing before I fully made the switch and I was getting the same speeds with 5G and 5G Wide Band that I was for Verizon. I’ve seen some

videos on YouTube with a similar experience as well. I don’t know if right now they are strict on capping the 5G. Regardless though, it’s with it to get the plus for the premium data in my opinion. Haven’t had any issues thus far 🙂