Full service but can't make calls or send texts since "upgrade"

Novice II

For the past three days I've had no ability to make phone calls or send texts even though I have full service. This is since the "upgrade" that visible obviously botched. I have a case "escalated" and was told I'd hear from someone in a few hours 12 hours ago. I guess losing another customer will hopefully light a fire under someone to get this fixed. 



I needed support for my iPhone SE 2022 when texting and internet died out of the blue a few weeks after moving to the new $30 plan. Not a thing wrong with my phone or its settings. It was an internal fix. Last August is when this occurred.

If you have an Android and your problem occurred at the time of the upgrade, do a search of this forum for APN settings. Good luck.


I'm having the same problem. I "upgraded" 2 days ago. It's very difficult to get in touch with customer service. I'm ready to sign up with a different service.