Gift cards not received


I have ported my sim from other to Visible and it was done in October near Halloween. As per the offer after 3 months of successful payments I will be getting 2 $200 giftcards and one gift voucher to redeem the speaker. I was in continuous discussion with visible and from beginning they were saying I will be getting 2 $200 gift cards and 1 gift voucher for speaker. I was expected to get it by 12/29 which was the last payment. I double check in 1st week of January and agent said yes I will be getting 2 $200 and 1 gift voucher for speaker in 5-7 business days. Today the agent is saying you only have one Gift voucher of $200 and nothing else. I am not sure where to reach out this?


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Customer service at Visible is really your only option. You could try contacting Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. which are the ones that handle this promotion for Visible. You would have to Google the name and see if they have a contact us page.


You could also they and report it to the BBB, there is a page for Visible at the BBB where some have complained about certain issues. Not sure it will help.


Login to your visible account and you may see the code there. I found my code that way instead of email. If you had received one code in email the other should be present in the online account.


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