Hello, I paid for service, but now I’m canceling because they are sending me a Sim card with a different number on it that I don’t want, I want to port my two numbers over to this service, but it will not work, I have tried, and it just keeps looping me around to the same crap, any help would be helpful since you can’t make a phone call to this service I would like to port my numbers over.


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Just an FYI, this is a peer to peer forum and you will not get any answers from Visible here. Only thing I can suggest is clicking on chat and waiting, wait times are long. You can also direct message them on Twitter or Facebook but I can tell you that takes days. Last message I sent their 2 weeks ago took 5 days to get a response. Latest message/error issue question I sent Thursday and still no response. 


The reason for the cheap rates is why there is no customer service by phone, only by chat.