How do I effectively complain about poor service?


I recently signed up to Visible and my parents-in-law living in the same house are on Verizon. We all get poor service in our area (Albany CA) despite Verizon's maps claiming that we are well covered.


There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to report this poor coverage to Verizon so that they can maybe add towers rather than lose customers to T-Mobile, which works well here. 



This sounds like a Verizon specific issue you are trying to address, not sure how much assistance you will get on this forum.  However, I would try calling Verizon customer service or stop in at a Verizon store in person (not a reseller) and specifically inquire if they have other complaints about your specific area and what they plan on doing to fix it.  


I experience a similar thing, my work office and in-law home does not get the best Verizon coverage, 1-2 bars at times.  Luckily the WIFI calling feature helps in those cases.

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I tried calling Verizon customer service in the first instance and they said they would note it on my account. As in, no one would ever see the complaint except when I call in.


This seems like something a good company would want to collect data on and make it easy to report.


WiFi calling also doesn't work on my phone and that seems to be related to Verizon as others with Pixel 6s don't complain about the issue. 

Power in numbers, get everyone you know in the area to reach out to Verizon and voice their concern with the service.  If only you speaks up, then probably not much will happen unfortunately, but if an entire neighborhood speaks, it might cause them to investigate.  


In this case I would have everyone present themselves as a potential Verizon customer, may get the investigation happening quicker rather than Visible customers...


If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.

Okay first I would tweet whatever Verizon customer care is.  Get others to do the same.  If you can find the President of Verizon mobile on twitter tweet them.  Remember be nice.  If you get others to do it be nice all you need to  present yourselves as Verizon customers.  Visible is powerless here.  Why is that?  Is it Visible doesn't care?  Answer is No Visible does care.  The problem is Who does Visible get the coverage from?  Answer is Verizon.  So at the end of the day this is a Verizon issue all the way.

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Since Visible is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), they only rent network capacity on Verizon's network and in no way shape or form handle any sort of network maintenance, expansion, upkeep, or issue reporting.


Your only hope is that several Verizon customers call in and report network issues in your area which once enough people complain will force Verizon tech support to submit a network ticket to the local network technicians which will travel out and work on those specific towers.


I wish I had a better answer for you but this is part of why we pay a fraction of what the other guys do.

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Sadly what you said is not mutually exclusive. Though the Verizon coverage map may show you're fully covered, there are way more factors that go into it.  Building type, interference, lots of users on the same tower, and so forth. Sadly, it's one of those things where you need to test out the service, and it looks like you have, and Visible (though in actuality Verizon, since Visible is an MVNO) is not right for you. I doubt the amount of calling, tweeting, and so forth will do anything. Honestly, your best bet is to go ahead and join T-Mobile since you state it works well there. Reporting poor coverage won't speed-up the process of adding towers. Verizon has already started opening up C-Band, that will help some, but again, may not be the solution to your problems. Good luck, my friend.


Like last 2days I tried to contact with someone in Visible but no one showed up. I have 2 Visible account and both are off now. This is really a worst coustromer service system here. I am  gonna complain about this in Corporate. 

When you use an MVNO you get what you get.


I am getting absolute crap slow down speeds in Los Angeles area even down to zero data access.  This started happening when they changed the pay plans.  I complained and spent hours in chat with multiple visible support. They even change support people in the same chat window. I talked to 5 visible support persons in the same chat session.  I did that the next day too. They could not help.  Hours of frustration being asked the same questions.  They said they will have someone call from the next level support.  I have waited almost 3 days and no call from the next level.  They do not even document accurately on their side.


 I had no problems for over a year and now after the new plans I have experienced just crap slow downs where I have had to wait 20 minutes to use an app where before I could use it in 1 minute.  What will happen if I have to call 911 and I am throttled down to zero data?


Visible has throttled the old pay plans down to nothing after the new $30 pay plan was created.


Please complain to the FCC .  Visible was a good thing but now is total crap.  Afraid to even refer anyone to Visible now.