How do I return this phone?

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It's been a week now since I received this phone that is completely locked and unable to is ghosting me, booting me out, etc. I've tried every platform to get an answer and NOTHING. Supposedly my case was escalated to a special team and all I got was an automated email with no reply feature.

I want to return this useless brick but there's not even a streamlined way to do that...

Visible ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMERS or you're getting a BBB report.


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Please help me open a BBB account for them. They do not have an account with the BBB. I went on the BBB and requested that they open an account so Visible can start answering their screw ups. 

Thank you for doing that. I think this “carrier” is just a scam! 

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You could try opening it against Verizon since they are the parent company for Visible. Not sure if that would work as I have never opened a BBB report before. But, Verizon owns Visible.

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I've had the same problem upon trying to activate my pixel 6a. They keep telling me I'll get an email but we're already going on day two without service and I'm losing money since my job is tied to my phone. I definitely think I'll be opening a BBB report if this doesn't get resolved by tonight. 

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Just throwing this out there, if you are trying to activate using an eSIM from what I have been reading it doesn't work with Android devices with Visible. You need to have them send you a physical SIM if you didn't go that route. Hope you get it fixed. Good luck!

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I agree with you ! I want out and nothing to do with this so call carrier. I even went to a Verizon store to see if they could help me and of course they told me to contact Visible. I have been trying to get ahold of someone for a week and to return this phone and stop service with them now. I don’t want to wait until next month! 


Please  send label for a return