I'm paying for someone else's account ...


I ordered a phone sent to someone in another state who will be porting his number over from a previous carrier.  I set up an account on Visible.com to order the phone and get the process started.

To activate the phone upon arrival, he's supposed to have the Visible app up and be logged into his account. Does he log into the account I created? Would that allow him to place additional orders through the app, like an Apple watch?  

Also ... the promo $300 gift card needs to come to me; I purchased the phone and am paying the bill. How do I make this happen? 



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It would be my assumption that the account the SIM card was order through would be the account that you would have to activate it from. As far as the promo code there have been a number of threads here where people are not getting them. I would gather the promo code would go to the address of the account the card was ordered on after 2 or 3 billing cycles but I am guessing. If you need definite answers you might want to contact customer service via chat, Facebook messenger or Twitter.