Impossible to reach customer service chat

Novice II

I have been waiting in total 2 hours now to reach someone. I have tried on mobile and PC. The chat seems to just drop or refresh and you have to restart the process. Infuriating.

Reason for chatting in is to fix my issue with calls dropping. My mother had the same issue along with people not being able to hear her. After 5 different customer support chats and two calls from Visible's special care team, Visible said they could not fix the issue. So, she switched to Mint Mobile and has never looked back. All the issues disappeared. Plus, you can reach someone immediately.

Our family's service and experience with Visible has progressively gotten worse since we switched to Visible more than a year ago. Sadly, it looks like we will all be switching here shortly. 



I’ve spent 100 hours over 9 days trying to reach chat. No answer yet. Just a bunch of disconnects after waiting 3 hours. 


Do you have that number  been 7 days and still no voice mail among other things