Migrating for a second time to Visible




I got a line last year, I got an iPhone last year with visible and received $100 and AirPods pro. I stayed for 6 months with visible, then I switched to Mint mobile. I am with mint for around 6 months now.

My question is, can I port in to visible again and get the coupon for $ again? or should I cancel my service with mint and get a new line to be able to get the promo?




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I believe you only get the promos when you buy a new phone while porting in your number. I think even if you bought a phone for the promo you might not get it because I think it is for new customers but I might be wrong on that part.


Only other promo available is friend referral and feel free to use this link https://www.visible.com/get/?3qJzF8 it will get you $20 off your first month and will save me $20 next month also. I know it's a shameless plug to save you and myself money but have to try. 

Yeah I forgot to mention that my intention is to buy a new iPhone, but I was wondering if I could get the promo again.

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Under exclusions on the promo it does say new members so I don't think it would be available. Wouldn't hurt to customer service if you have patience, try the chat box but wait times are bad. On Sunday I waited 45 minutes to get support. I tried Twitter and Facebook but those took 5 days to get an answer and not really answered my problem of why my phone I bought from Visible last year is all of a sudden not compatible on the new plans. I guess they did say it might become compatible but not holding my breath.