My caller ID info doesn't appear on other phones

My name and phone number do not appear on the caller ID of other phones when I make outgoing calls. It shows up as "caller ID blocked", "no caller ID" or something similar, and happens when I call landlines and wireless #s from any carrier. This has become especially problematic, as some people automatically block anonymous calls, so the issue has gotten me in trouble at work and has actually impacted my income. 


My outgoing caller ID used to work fine with my previous carrier (AT&T) but has never worked on Visible. Visible has acknowledged that they made a mistake during the porting process, but the issue has gone unresolved after countless escalations. I have been in touch with Visible Support weekly since June and am at my wit's end.


I've tried resetting my (iPhone) network settings, but had no luck. My old carrier used to have *82 to force your caller ID info to appear, but that does not appear to be supported by Visible. I also requested that they close and re-establish my Visible account to see if that fixes the caller ID issue, but was told that it is not possible. Has anyone else dealt with this? It's frustrating that this problem has lingered for so long without any resolution, so I'm looking for any possible solution for this.


Visible support has also reset my SIM, but that didn't fix the issue. I asked if send a new SIM would fix the issue. The support agent was not sure, but said that I would lose service during the time my current SIM is deactivated and my new SIM is received. Has anyone had any success with this?


It may be better to block the display of the caller’s number.