Network Upgrade Failed and 2 Factor Setup Failed, at the same time!

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Looks like I hit the support lottery.

I finally decided to upgrade my Visible Network plan.  I knew it was going to be painful, so I set aside a whole morning to do the procedure.


I received my new SIM card in the mail in 1 day.  That was nice.  I guess Visible is now only using physical SIMs for the network upgrade because the eSIM process wasn't going smooth for anyone.  My brother utilized eSIM when he tried to upgrade, and spent hours in chat with Visible support before he got it to work.

As directed by the instructions that came with the new SIM card, I visited .  Immediately after the final restart, I could not send or receive texts, and I could not send or receive calls.

I then engaged Visible Support via chat in order to get help for this issue.  When I try to logon to my account, I am being prompted to setup 2 Factor Authentication, which will need to send a text message to my phone...

... my phone which no longer receives texts because of the failed network upgrade.

Once I got a hold of Visible Support via chat, they said that they do not have the SIM number (ICCID) Visible shipped me to upgrade my plan.  So now my phone is unusable, and according to Visible Support, I have to wait 1-2 business days to get a new SIM.

Visible:  How do you expect to grow market share when you can't easily transition customers to new plans?


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I know nothing about eSIM but if you have a phone capable of using it that is available by request. If Visible sent you a pSIM then you selected it instead of eSIM when adding it to your cart. I have saw some issue with them but have seen successful activations on them also but then the same goes for pSIM as you have found out.


Did you just have to wait to get the new sim? Looks like you didn't get help here? Any suggests for a similar issue?