New phone activation, move to IOS, Visible APP

Novice II

I just got my new iphone 14 purchased from Visible.

I'm having trouble understanding the sequence of steps to take.

1) I would like to use the Move to IOS APP to move my data from my old android devise. I need to do this to retain all my test messages for one thing, correct?

2)I need the Visible APP on the phone to do the activation.

It seems that I must do the move IOS during the phone set-up before I can use wifi to download the visible APP - is that correct?

3) If I do the move IOS process my texts will be moved from the old android.

4) After that, I will need to download the visible APP via wifi? Has to be done wifi because phone to activated on cell service yet, right?

5) Then proceed to activate visible.

6) new iPhone will have the temporary phone number until I port over my existing number from my current verizon.

7) In the time between the move IOS process and porting number over, I will probably receive new text messages on my old phone. Will these messages be lost?






I have a suggestion for texts. Before using that app to move texts in case it doesn't work back them up. I use an app called SMS Backup & Restore on my Android phone and I backup my texts now. I would have to assume this app is available for iOS and once you have backed up the texts you should be able to restore them to your iPhone incase the app to move them doesn't work.


For your other questions, yes on numbers 2 and 4, you need the Visible app to activate service and you will need wi-fi to do it. For number 6, yes, you will get a temporary number before porting in. 


I did not port in myself so I have no other answers for you. One thing I have read on Visible's Reddit page is that when coming from Verizon it is a migration and not a port. I don't knw what the difference is and some have had issues with porting between the two because of the fact that Verizon owns Visible.


Good luck with your port and your new phone.



I would think that there must a lot of people in my situation - activating new iphone  and moving from old android -- that could share their experiences and make suggestions.

I don't think there is that much traffic here in the community forums. You could try and post your questions over on Visible Reddit page. A lot more traffic there where you might find your answers and get more help.