No data on specific tower/band


There is a tower I drive by frequently, that causes my service to cut out until it switches to another tower, or unless I disable the affected band (13).


TAC-ECI: 39801 - 39753474

eNB-LCID: 155287 - 2

NID: 74 - 1

PCI: 223

Band: 13


AFAIK, this tower only has band 5 & 13.


Band 13 is the one that does not work, but it overpowers band 5, so it basically renders the tower useless on that side, which faces a nearby highway.


With 5 bars of signal, it won't even connect to a speed test server, or show "Visible" as the source connection.


When streaming music or on a phone call, the connection will drop.


Fortunately, I'm able to enable/disable specific bands on my phone, but disabling band 13 is not ideal, as that's Verizon's main coverage band.


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