Order Interrupted - can't start again; Pending Trade-In


Started an order earlier today, website coughed, redid the order and got confirmation of the pending trade-in but no other order confirmation.  Spent forever in chat.  Somehow the order got placed and then cancelled (two credit card transactions).  Was told they reset my account, wait 30 minutes and try again.  Did so but now there is a pending trade-in offer on my phone so I can not proceed.


So far, not impressed



After a couple seperate chat sessions taking a few hours of csharing the same information there is no resolution.  Sent in requested screen shots via Messenger and have been left hanging.  No response, no confirmation that the right people have gotten the information.  No indication that an escalation has acturally occurred.


Whats up with Visible support?

Ok, waiting in the Chat queue once again to ask this question:


On October 7th I tried placing an order for a new phone, transferring from Verizon and with a trade in on my current phone which is not compatible on Visible.   The website coughed, and never completed the order.  An email was received from Assurant.com expecting my trade in with a link to instructions that don’t work.  My credit card was charged and then credited back the order amount.


I’ve spent several hours in chat sessions which resulted in my account being reset but the trade-in was not and the website fails when getting a trade-in estimate.  During the last chat session this issue was worked on with team members behind the scenes.  I posted requested screenshots of the errors and the email from Assurant.com expecting the trade in from the failed order on Facebook messenger and was told the issue would be escalated and resolved.


I’ve received no confirmation that the images were received, no incident number or report, nothing.  I seem to have fallen into a black hole.


At this point I’m not sure why I’d still move over to Visible, but I would like to still have the option and sooner rather than later would be appreciated.


Can you have someone who can provide real information about what is being done to fix this issue call me please?

Well that went better than I expected.... a little over an hour and I have a call scheduled for Wednesday.  Guess we'll see how that goes.