Outage Update March 1, 2023

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Community Manager

We’re aware of an outage impacting voice calls, text messages and data. We are working to resolve it immediately. If you are experiencing issues with service please power cycle your phone, as this resolves most issues.

update from Visible March 2, 2023


Hi there. Our service has been restored. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please try power cycling your device. Still not working? Reach out to us via chat at http://visible.com.



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Yeah I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

Same here.. I think it's a scam.. They sent new sim to everyone and killed the network 🙂


Same here. I think they shipped new SIM to everyone and killed the network behind it 😞

Happened to me too

Exactly same for me. And there is no updates from visible about when they expect to resolve the issue.



I received my new sim for the upgraded network this week and have not had service since, I have power cycled multiple times and it still says sos only

I have not received a new sim. Still just have the esim. 🤔

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Was working yesterday, today nothing. Tried everything, power cycled, airplane mode off & on, checked network settings. Hope this issue is resolved soon.

New Mexico / Samsung A14

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Yesterday I could Text but couldn't get replies. Today I don't even have any data! It's getting worse not better. And your customer communication is awful. 

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I have power cycled many times, I have reset my network settings several times. Still does not work. All my online accounts require authentication via text so I am in a major bind here! 

Novice II

I am currently on Chat which has led me to Erase my SIM and installed a new one, which would be fine, except that didnt work and now my phone has no SIM, no Network, no Service, NOTHING! So now my phone is completely useless! I just wanted to receive some text messages!

They "reformatted" my sim and had me reset network settings and it did absolutely nothing. My phone is useless.

l experienced the same exact thing.  Nothing now for 40 hours.


Same exact thing for me.  Nothing for 40 hours.


Finally acknowledging, and communicating, that you have an issue is one thing, suggesting a reboot will solve it?  Laughable.


Nope! I've turned my phone off 3 times and nothing.


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Power cycling my mobile device did not resolve the issue. The outage is preventing access to corporate systems with mobile two-factor authentication. This will be my last month with Visible if this isn't resolved quickly.

I'm having the same trouble.  I haven't been able to log in to work all morning.  Just sitting here losing money...its been hours already.  What is happening?  The troubleshooting doesn't work when the network is faulty.  No further updates???

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My phone went into SOS mode with absolutely zero signal the minute I paid my bill yesterday. I had two very serious issues that I couldn’t take care of. My son got sick at school and the school was unable to reach me! Then the heater in the building I manage broke. There is a preschool in this building. It’s the middle of winter. I was unable to call the heating repair company!!! This is putting my job in peril and leaving 50 kids in the literal cold. I spent hours trying to chat with absolutely untrained unhelpful chat reps. This is an unacceptable dangerous situation. I don’t know what you did or didn’t do to cause this situation but it is unacceptable, dangerous negligence!

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I'm currently overseas and I rely on WiFi Calling because Visible doesn't support native international roaming outside NA.


I had to restart my phone, and since then, I'm unable to receive incoming SMS or MMS. I use this number as 2FA for banks and whatnot and I'm not in a position to reinstall my eSIM.


I hope this is fixed promptly!

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@DS-VisibleMgr wrote:

We’re aware of an outage impacting voice calls, text messages and data are working to resolve it immediately. If you are experiencing issues with service please power cycle your phone, as this resolves most issues.


It might fix most issues, but not THIS issue!

Has any successfully fixed their issues? Either by chatting or something different? Rebooting the phones is doing nothing!

I chatted with visible. Now my messages work. But I had wait a long time. I hope that helps. 

What did they have you do to resolve the issue? I was on the phone for an hour and a 1/2 with a representative and she told me at the end to reboot my phone. I said I am going to lose the connection with you if I do that and she said no you won't I'll be here waiting and if we lose connection I'll call you back. I had already told her I tried rebooting 20 times and I tried going into Airplane mode 20 times but nothing worked smart. She insisted I reboot which of course lost the connection with her, and she did not call me. I don't only do they not resolve issues at visible, they lie to you.

I chatted with support. When now my messages work. But I had to wait a long time. I hope that helps. 

why don't you actually tell us what resolved the issue.. 

Power cycling does nothing!  Visible needs to fix this once and for all.  Our phones are not toys - we do business on them and it's imperative that they work 24/7.  There is no excuse for this!

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It's been over 3 hours already. I switched from Verizon a month ago - NEVER had a known outage. what is going on? FIX IT

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It's been over 3 hours already that I know of. What's going on? FIX IT. I just switched from Verizon a month ago - never had a known outage in many, many years.


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When will this be fixed? No texts for 2 days. Days late and a dollar short 

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@DS-VisibleMgrcan you confirm the total duration of the incident? I've believe I've been impacted since Monday 2/27 and have seen multiple threads/comments saying something similar. Would like to know for sure how long I've been unknowingly missing text messages

I have been impacted since Monday as well. So frustrating!

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This started on Monday, glad you are finally addressing it...two days later. You are going to lose a lot of customers unless this is fixed quickly. Its impacting peoples' ability to perform their jobs. Bad look Visible.

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Power Cycling did not work. No phone = NO JOB. I put in so many applications and am sitting here at home expecting calls from potential employers. Your website logged me out when the chat cue bar reached almost full. How is this OK. 

This is a fiasco. You can't gain access to anything without 2 factor authentication and if texts don't go through, no access.

OMG You are correct! I am two days of no service AFTER I paid my bill. They surely did take my money but all I have on my phone is sos mode. I've spent hours and hours talking to inept chat reps. This is dangerous! it's not a game. These are our lives. My son was sick at school yesterday, vomiting and the school could not reach me to pick him up! I can't receive work calls! I can't contact my elderly mother!

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I just want to report that I am now two days without service! I just spent the umpteenth hour trying to talk to the inept chat representatives. This one told me he was "reformatting my sim" and told me to power off my phone and then reset network settings. Which I did and guess what??? My phone is STILL IN SOS MODE!!


It didn't work! Visible needs to get straight and tell the truth and resolve this issue.With two factor authentication we are going to be locked out of our email, social media an even our utilities!


When is visible going to start telling the truth and actually fix this issue??? They happily took my money yesterday before they turned my phone into a brick!!!


I was told a supervisor would call me back. How? My PHONE DOESN'T WORK!


I've filed an FCC complaint and I am about to email the consumer affairs reporter at our news station. Maybee some publicity might make them want to offer decent customer service and resolve this issue.

When the phone works service is good. When there is a problem they are slow to admit it and at times can take hours to resolve. The texting is iffy. Verizon proper was more timely fixing issues.  Getting service when you need it is the problem here.

Please be aware that Verizon has purchased Visible. Verizon is now running this show. and I think it's very odd that immediately after Verizon purchased visible our network coverage turned to trash and now this. I can't use my phone at all. At the same time Verizon is running those Einstein adds mocking people with "unreliable" budget cell companies. Verizon IS visible now. I will NOT BE SWITCHING TO VERIZON when I leave visible. What they are doing right now with this outage is dangerous. Lives, jobs, health and safety are all in peril when our phones don't work.