Physical SIM to eSIM for existing customers

Intermediate III

I have some good news to share with you guys who want to transfer their physical sim over eSIM. I have successfully transferred my physical sim to eSIM from the app itself. On the phone app there is this transfer feature under YOUR DEVICE. After that you will download the eSIM profile. Make sure to delete the app and reinstall it to activate the eSIM. You may have delete the existing cellular plan and restart your phone. 
If any problem during installation, you may chat with CS. It would be easier to chat at night time because the chat agents at night know that existing customers are now able to transfer to eSIM. I guess they are still in the beta phase of this feature. 



What are the pros of having eSIM? I see obvious cons.... Let me know.



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Additional information needed?

One pro is using the physical SIM slot for temporary international travel carrier cards.

What are the cons you see?