Question on Esim on old network

Novice III

So I have an esim but what I did not realize was I still had a physical sim installed in the phone.  Since I have removed the physical sim and getting slow speeds (sometimes less then 2 MB down), is it advisable to delete the esim and start downloading a new one to see if this is the culprit to my slow speeds?


If you were getting faster speeds on a physical SIM maybe have customer service send one of those out, I don't think there is a difference between a pSIM and the eSIM but I could be wrong. 


Have you tried resetting your network settings? You could try contacting customer service as I had mentioned in your other thread and see of they can fix it on their end. Some of the things they will have you do is cycle airplane mode, reboot phone, reset network and possibly download a new eSIM. It might be worth a shot to contact them.