Samsung s22 Ultra network issues

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Hi everyone. I have an Samsung Galaxy22 ultra getting 1 bar since the new rollout of Sim cards  last year.  I contacted visible tech-support chat, the rep sounded confident & took me from 1-2 bars to no service for 3 weeks.


I’m still having issues connecting to the visible network, sometimes, it’s a decent signal strength and boom,  it shows no service.


I’ve done the airplane mode & power cycle. I’ve just now gotten my phone number associated with this SIM card and I’m scared to death of losing it because I couldn’t access my voicemail  



Every time I log into visible chats , the first thing the reps wants to do is create a new eSIM and have me delete everything off my phone again. I’ve been escalated to a higher tech-support, but the emails are slow. I’ve actually found better instruction and directions on this forum than their tech-support. Lol I appreciate you guys helping me out on getting this fixed. I’m supposed to be getting the S 24 ultra whenever it comes but right now, I’m kind of nervous to put another ESIM on anything  


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You're using a physical SIM card currently? It should be safe to switch to an eSIM and you shouldn't lose any data or need to reset your phone to do that. Your phone number should stay the same and will be moved to the eSIM. There should be an option to switch to eSIM in the Visible app. If your existing physical SIM card is faulty, switching to eSIM might help.

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If you don't want to switch to eSIM you can have them send another SIM card if you or they think that is the issue but you may lose service until the new card arrives. I am not a tech savvy person and have only had these smart phones for 2 1/2 years but from what I have read I would think switching from the old system we were on to the new system whether using eSIM or a SIM card would not affect the signal to your phone. It didn't for me when I upgraded but then I am far from the towers and was only getting 1 to 2 bars then and still am after the upgrade. It is the same signal from the tower to your phone, the only thing that changed is how the signal is processed, before your service was run through cloud based servers and now it runs through Verizon core system. I would not think that would affect signal but it certainly could affect your data speeds and possibly call clarity, for me those things improved but others have had it go the other way. 


The only other thing that I could even think of is that maybe something happened to your phones antenna, you will find out when your new phone arrives if you have the same signal strength. It is possible that maybe a tower in your area went down for repair but I would think that would be fixed by now unless it got taken out completely at the time you upgraded.



It's okay in my apt on my wifi but disconnects from the network when I leave my apartment. I then have to power ot airplane mode it. My voicemail is finally working again but the text is hit or miss. Visible called me and they did a fignal of some sort.  They were nice;