Sim card for moto 5 stylus 5g (figured it out)


Some things i learned from this experience

1, ima iddioot and the sim card worked all along  (sensorship really visible lol)

2, visible compatibility checker isnt always right

3, the moto 5 stylus 5g does work even if purchased from Motorola directly 

4, tech support is not particularly helpful but very polite


So after realizing that visible didnt have any phone deals i was interested in currently i decided to order one from the manufacture. I contacted support for help with getting a sim card shipped out and was told to "just get a friends IMEI" which it was an odd hour so i went ahead and said i hand an iPhone as that was the only way to get one shipped while i waited for my phone to arrive. They shipped (not overly surprisingly but to my horror) a Nano sim or w.e instead of the kind where you have to snap out the tab like they had for my teens iPhone a year or so back. The site says my phones IMEI is not compatible, the manufacture lists the phone as compatible, they sell the same model just for more and with less storage on the site. Anyone have any suggestions on how i might acquire a sim card to test this things compatibility first hand? I noticed best buy and walmart will ship to store pre paids but id like to just get the sim directly from the company.


Also in the event I can not work out a way to just get the sim, does anyone know if using a $30 prepaid on a grandfathered in partypay $25 a month plan wastes the extra $5?



Leading up to Halloween they had 31% off a number of phones which some phones were a pretty good deal although the Motorola phones Visible sells were on discount at Motorola as well. 


The compatibility checker is there for Visible to sell people a new phone. Even my phone that I bought last year from here shows not compatible with the new plans and Visible customer service said they are working on getting as many phone from the old list added, I am sure they are telling me a lie. In case mine didn't work I did buy a phone from eBay that is the same model I have but a year newer from a seller that bought it from here earlier for real cheap. 


Yes, you can get around the IMEI number thing either by downloading an IMEI generator app and trying to find a number that works or if you know of someone that has a number that already works. I wasn't going to buy a phone but in case I couldn't get mine old one to activate on the IMEI work around I thought I would buy now because in a few months when we have to switch and I had to get a phone it would like freeze solid by the time it arrives.


You might want to read a post I made on Howard Forums.


I assume you mean a Moto G Stylus 5G. This phone will work on Visible regardless what their compatibility checker says.


I am an existing Visible customer on the old $25 plan (with party pay). I needed a new phone to replace my Moto G Power 2020 and saw Motorola had a sale for a Moto G Stylus 5 G 2021 for $199. Seeing that Visible sells that exact same phone i ordered unlocked directly from Motorola. After receiving it and prior to unboxing I ran the IMEI # thru Visible compatibility checker, came back as not compatible. Questioning this I started an online chat with customer service, and got the usual BOT questions. Asked me the IMEI number, I gave it and the answer came back it was compatible. Unboxed the phone, installed the SIM from the old Moto and reinstalled my apps and data. Phone works fine on Visible.

I guess the moral of the story is the Visible compatibility checker is not accurate and you are best to try it with working SIM.

I was chatting with CS on Facebook messenger and of course my Moto G Power(2021) shows not compatible on the website and of course they asked me for the IMEI number and confirmed on FB it currently isn't but the possibility that it might become compatible but not guaranteed though. I bought a used 2022 model that is. From what a couple others told me the 2021 model would have likely worked anyway. I will check in a couple months or whenever they make us change over. If it does work then I know I have a backup phone.

BTW, the compatibility checker is for the new plans. They are changing the system. You said you are still using the old plan as am I. Yes, it will be compatible with the old plan, it may or may not be with the new plan, but chances are it will and likely my old phone will probably be also. Just not guaranteed it will though.