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When making a payment, is it possible to choose the amount you want to be charged or is there an option to use two payment methods?


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Not that I am aware. Visible is a prepaid service and payment is in full or service will stop. Options for payments can be made by credit card, PayPal and I think Venmo but not sure.

I intend to pay the bill in full, I was just wondering if there’s a way to split the bill into 2 so I can pay with 2 different debit cards. Still paying in full. 

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Welcome to the cheap seats. I think you are required to setup a single reoccurring payment method. Only possible solution is if you have 2 phones, have 2 separate accounts with 2 different payment methods.

No. They don’t require you to set up a single reoccurring payment method. They give you the option to do autopay which will require you to choose a payment method, but if you opt out of auto pay, they will just remind you close to the bill due date to pay for the service. 

I’m just wondering if say I have 2 prepaid cards that has $20 each and I want to use them both to pay my bill, do they have an option of allowing me to use $20 on each card to pay for my full bill. 

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That is not possible because you can only have one form of payment selected to pay the bill. Possibly try PayPal to see if you can do that then use PayPal to pay your monthly bill. You would be better off contacting customer service and asking since this is a peer to peer forum.

Thank you for your response and your offered solution. 

Perhaps, Visible can look into this and somehow make it possible. It would help some people pay their bill easier. 

I suspect Visible is not going to make this an option. We are in bargain basement territory here. I was with Cricket for years and it was more flexible. You can even go in the store and pay monthly if you like. They had the BEST support model of any discount carrier I dealt with. I went with Visible for the cost, hot spot capability, and Verizon gets better reception at our family cabin in the middle of the woods. My fall back is going back to Cricket. 

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Thing is with Visible it is a prepaid cellular service, it is basic with no brick and mortar stores or a phone number to call for customer service. It is the reason why they can offer a true unlimited plans. Like I mentioned try PayPal, you might be able to use multiple payment options their and then use PayPal as you payment option on Visible. I use PayPal a lot and know they have different ways of paying I am not sure if they have what you are asking about. Visible is really good discount carrier and I don't see that they would ever offer dual payment option in the same month. There would be very few that would use it. I also think it would cause too many issue for them and for you.


I will admit I have used multiple payments on Amazon when I had a gift card and that didn't cover what I ordered and they offer multiple options. They are a lot bigger and have millions more customers plus a customer service that can actually help solve those payment issue. Visible doesn't have a customer service base like that.