Text message outage

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It is impossible for me to access my bank account as I am not receiving the text message verification on my Visible phone. I find this situation ridiculous. I am curious if Verizon customers are also facing the same problem. Restarting the phone as stated on the website does not resolve the issue.



We've been having problems for over 24 hours now, we get some texts but not all.  I can't access any of my accounts that involve receiving a text to verify my identity.  This is complete bullsh!t.  Online chat is worthless and there's no way to actually speak to someone.  I've lost count of how many times I've turned my phone off and on.  And texting TRANSACT to 67777 gets me no response.  This has been a nightmare for my husband and son who rely on texting for work....not to mention since switching, that at least once a week I have to do an online chat because my husband loses text and phone service.  Worst mistake switching to Visible.

I feel your pain. I'm also in the dark. I talked to Apple support representative who told me that this problem with no text verification codes is extremely common. He gets plenty of calls everyday, but unfortunately it is a carrier problem. Apple can't fix it. My wife has Verizon with NO text problems. She's obviously much smarter than me 😡

this is complete crap. I have had this issue of not getting texts from my bank and places that require 2 FA since Saturday. I have also had no international calling since Saturday

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Wife has Verizon with NO text message verification problems. Unlike me with Visible I'm the mushroom in the dark with no access to those text codes from banks, etc.

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This has also affected Verizon, but their biggest issue is activations are backed up besides the test issues. 

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I also have been without texting for over 24 hours! I have tried airplane mode on/off, restarts etc. Nothing is working and I have been waiting on chat for over an hour!


I finally got to a live chat agent and once I clicked on verification link through emails, it's working again. New texts are coming in but the old ones are not, they might be lost forever. You might want to reach out to them, the verification process might have unblocked something.

How did you log in- unable to log in with Visible because can not get verification code!!!!!!!!!!!!!   What a bunch of crap!



You don't need to log in to get to the live chat window. Just click on "Chat with us" from https://www.visible.com/help/connect. Once you go through the virtual assistance and get in touch with a live agent, they can email you a verification link.