The New Plan Better than the old? Not SO FAR!


Now that the Blade 7 is FINALLY activated as a new user, and sort-of works at home - doesn't work very well, but it MOSTLY works MOST OF THE TIME as long as you don't need to rely on it...  On a good day, even at home, with Verizon towers 1/4 mile away, it MAY get 7 Mbps.  Most of the time, by prime time if it gets 2, it's doing about as well as it ever does.  Mostly it's 1 or below...  Which was what it did on the OLD plan.


BUT, I'm now in Florida.  And I'm carrying a T-Mobile cell, an AT&T Nighthawk hotspot, and a Visible phone...  SO FAR, in the Three places I've been - south of Birmingham, AL, it was marginally usable, but near Cedar Key, FL, and west of Tampa FL, Visible has been COMPLETELY unusable.

Not "oh, bummer, I can't stream HD while playing Fortnite" unusable, "I can't get it over .1Mbps and even get email" unusable.

That's when it connects at all.

As near as I can tell, the whole "new plan" was nothing more than a cash grab to force a lot of people to buy new phones. It fer-sher hasn't improved performance at home or on the road that I can see.

In the same locations, both the T-Mobile cells provide data fine, as does the AT&T Nighthawk.  Visible, no.

I expect that, as usual, Visible will blame it on something other than Visible - the modem on the phone isn't good enough, it's in a microscopic dead spot (in multiple locations), tower maintenance, cosmic rays, etc.

From here I'll head to Ft. Myers and hope it's more functional there than it's been so far.


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I know with the issues you have had before the last thing you want to do is chat with customer service but I have saw a few threads about poor data speeds on the plans and a couple of those have contacted CS and had there SIM re-provisioned and their speeds improved. So you don't have to wait in chat if you are traveling just send them a message via Facebook and get back to them in your free time. You will find customer service has got their hands full with getting this texting issue fixed with all the customers it affected so chat probably is not the way to go and will likely take hours just to get someone. Hope this helps.