Transferring to iPhone 15

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I have the new iPhone 15 coming tomorrow - upgrading my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I had a lot of issues migrating my number and service from Verizon to Visible in January. The eSim would simply not work on my phone. They sent me a physical SIM and that worked perfectly. 

My question is this - can I simply move the physical SIM to the iPhone 15 to avoid issues? Or will I need to use the eSIM process? 


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I don't believe an iPhone 15 has a psychical sim tray. Apple moved entirely to eSims.

I have a new iPhone arriving today myself and I contacted Visible and texted with an actual human about the process. I was told to use the following procedure:


1) Install the Visible app on the new phone and login with your existing credentials.

2) Navigate to Account and look for "Switching phones is SIMple"

3) Click on "Switch Now" and follow the instructions on the screen.


I'll be trying this method myself as soon as my new iPhone arrives.


Yes, it appears that both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro only have eSims.

Thank you this is very helpful! 

Report back when you get it up and running!! Hoping it will be seamless …

It worked!...on the first shot and within five minutes, my new iPhone was on the Visible network.


Honestly, I didn't expect this, given my previous experiences with Visible.


I didn’t expect it either! Yay!!

Were you already a. ISI le customer just getting an upgrade phone?  Did you get the  phone thru visible or Apple? 

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I wish I could report success - BOO!


After 3.5 hours on the Visible Chat, I cannot get an eSIM to activate on my new phone.  They would send me a QR code and it says my the QR code isn't valid.


This has been the most terrible issue Visible I have had to date.  I'm stuck and do not have any resolution. 


Is there a tech support human I can contact?!

Sorry to hear. My previous iPhone was already running on an eSIM and maybe that’s why mine worked, as advertised. I hope you get this sorted out…good luck.

I spent an hour on chat with no help from Visible for my new iPhone 15 pro from an iPhone 8 and then took advice from someone here.  Download Visible APP to new phone, and follow instructions for new setup.  When it says to take the SIM card out of old phone, do that and it should work.


Was hour on chat and nothing either.

So I downloaded Visible app on new phone and followed directions from there.

Forget the QR code bit. Hope this helps.


you have the ability to put in 2 SIMs so maybe that's the simplest quickest. they go back-to-back in the single-looking slot. both face out putting one on each side


iphone 15 has places for 2 SIMs. they go back-to-back facing out in what looks like a single SIM slot. Put one on each side of the holder.  fastest and simplest.

That's not what this article least for iPhone's in the US. There are no sim tray slots on my iPhone 15 Pro either...just a 5G antenna cut out close to where the old sim slots used to be.

Correct, USA iPhone 15s do not have a sim slot, but I believe those sold in other countries do.


I realize that this post was September 2023, but wanted to state that May 2024, we were able to activate 3 e-sims on an iPhone 14 and 2 iPhone 15s - instantly. (And transfer 2 numbers successfully from Verizon).

It does look like the process now involves installing the application on your mobile device and they activate it directly from the app (no more QR code) - worked really well for us (3 times). 😄