Visible Not Letting Me Buy a New Phone

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I have been using this service for about two years now. Its a wonderful service and I love my phone. However, the screen broke recently after an unlucky drop, and I was looking into replacing it. 


I try to buy a new phone, and it goes through the whole process and I get an order confirmation number after I complete the process. However, I do not receive any email confirmation nor does it show up in my Order History. 


I talk to the agents, and they say there is no record of my order or that it was incomplete. They suggest I order again. I do the same, I get another Order Number, and then it doesn't show up once again. I do this a couple of more times because the agent tells me to try buying again. And I checked my bank statement and I found multiple charges for the same phone.


Has anyone else experienced this before? If so, how did it work out and what was the solution?



I may suggest you to try buying a different color of the device.

You can also wait for a couple of days for the transaction to be posted on to your account (Credit card). Unless Visible claims the amount (which is unlikely since there is no order created) these pending transactions may be invalidated and returned to you.


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Sort of a similar situation, I placed an order as soon as I clicked to complete the order I got a message that it could not be processed, contact chat line. Rep tells me to try the whole thing over again—same result.  Now there are 2 separate loans approved but will never be funded. Definitely keep an eye on your funds being held and make sure they fall off.  I’ve had a little better luck reaching out through Facebook Messenger.  


I'm having a similar problem that I get to the purchase click and it tells me I already have a device and tells me to contact Customer Care. I find no link to a customer care. I'm beginning to think there is no one out there working for Visible - just an automatic billing program.

Customer care is a fancy way to refer to chat. It’s the little blue block on the lower right hand corner of most pages