Visible disabled my SIM. They keep making empty promises to make it right

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I recently switched to Visible.  For the first few days, I had cell service (the SIM card they sent worked fine), but some of the text messages I received from automated systems were 'garbled' (the encoding was wrong).
I contacted Visible help via the app and reported it.  Visible said they submitted a ticket to get it addressed.


I woke up yesterday morning to find that I had NO SERVICE.  I contacted Visible and found out that in trying to fix the problem with the mis-encoded texts, my SIM card had been disabled.  (Specifically, when trying to re-provision it, the reprovisioning failed.)
But before that information was given to me, they had me do a total factory reset of my phone.

My phone was backed up, but still took until the evening before it was restored, and even then I had to manually re-set up some things.
I was promised that it would be fixed and that it was sent to a 'tech specialist'.

I was promised that it would be fixed within 24 - 48 hours and 'probably even before that.'

I then received an email saying that it would be fixed in 48 - 72 hours.


This morning (>24 hours): still no service.  Today I was promised that a supervisor would chat with me.  Then I was told that no supervisor would be able to chat.


I asked for a new SIM to be sent.  I was told one would be sent.

Then I was told that the new SIM wouldn't work; it wouldn't fix anything.  

Nothing will work until their engineers get around to fixing it.


Then I was told that if I installed Talkatone on my phone, I would be called within 60 minutes.

I did install it and provided Visible with that number.


I did not receive a call back.




Visible's customer service system seems to be:  promise anything and do not provide any way to actually talk to a human


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Hello! I've sent you a private message, so that we can get to the bottom of your issue. I look forward to hearing back from you.


I'm having a very similar problem! Currently at around hour 40 of the "24 - 48 hours and probably even before that." promise. No cell service the whole time! Were you able to get service, or did you just leave Visible?


OMG - I'm having the same issues. Their customer service is really terrible- I've never had so many issues before. I was wondering the same, did they ever resolve it? 


Having this issue as well after having my phone number changed. I got the whole "24 to 48 hours" resolution time too.

I had the payment to Visible reversed and swapped carriers. Don't waste your time with this garbage.

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sorry to hear this, but validating to me as i am having the same problem - day 10 of going round and round with no solution. i wonder if they ever fixed your issues or you went somewhere else?