Visible multi factor authentication update

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Community Manager

You’ve asked for it and now it’s here…trusted device management at Visible! Check the “trust this device” box on the MFA screen at login to reduce how often you have to sign in with the two-factor authentication on the same device. We also recommend designating another trusted device, like a computer or tablet, as a secondary method for logging in should you ever experience service issues or a lost/stolen/broken device. You can learn more about this in the Member Security help center article. You can also review and manage your trusted device(s) in the Privacy & Security portal of your account.



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It works.

Novice III

First of all, Visible needs to rework on their website. Whoever designed it put inefficient scripts for no reason. It takes heavy resource to load just a simple page.

Secondly, the multi factors is ridiculous. "Trust the device" worked once for me then it asks the same thing again. Not to mention that if you initiate chat with agent and ALREADY logged on, the agent will STILL ASK you to verify by sending code to your email. But if you logon on the computer it will send the code via SMS. There is just no common sense behind that.

I agree. What's the point of logging in if you are going to be asked to verify your identity? Wastes everyone's time.

Novice II

How about a better MFA system? Hardware keys or at least the ability to add an authenticator app!  Please Visible, I want to add more lines with you but managing my accounts is going to be terrible with the current arrangement. 

Yes !  Please enable Microsoft Authenticator as well as Google Authenticators ! Thank you ! 

Novice II

I would love to know who asked for double verification through visible. I could not access my phone for almost a month and it was made worse because every time I tried to get into the visible website, it wanted me to be verified. This should be an option and not a forced pain to deal with when you don’t have a phone. Have a phone because I listened to visible tech-support and it’s still giving me issues. Please create other ways to verify than just the phone number.

I can understand the need of 2MFA especially that SIM swap scam is prevalent these days. But the 2nd factor is the mobile phone number, how genius is that? If someone is able to hijack the SIM what good is sending the 2nd MFA by texting the very phone that was already hijacked?

Actually you can go onto chat or send a message through their social media platforms and request that they disable you 2FA, they will verify it is you by sending you an email to the address on your account. Once verified it is disabled for 24 hours.

You'd think people posting on this forum didn't know that? They know, but nobody have time asking the agent every time for only 24 hrs.