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My visual voicemail stopped working recently. I’ve now been on five different chats totaling 6 hours and 17 minutes. On four chats I’ve provided my device info, storage capacity, reset my network settings, and even provided recent addresses where visual voicemail isn’t working. Since it’s not a device issue much of this falls short of resolving the network issue. Additionally on the 4th call I was told that I was required to upgrade to the new network in order to resolve the issue. Even that didn’t work, prompting another hour in chat tonight to complete all the same steps in order to escalate the problem. 6 hours and 17 minutes in order to escalate the problem. Since visual voicemail doesn’t live on the device, we’ve been chasing our tails with device solutions. 

This is the third issue I’ve needed to resolve with support and the final time. The first was the initial activation which took four days to complete. 



It’s a long shot, but this was on Reddit


I wanted to post a way to get Voicemail set up within minutes which I encountered with my wife. She had the same issue that most have about asking for a PIN which she never did. People were not able to leave her VMs. We went to the support chat in the Visible app and when prompted about what the issue was, she typed this exact phrase:


voicemail re-provisioning process


It knew immediately what to do. It sent a text message to confirm her number then said it had been re-provisioned. She then called voicemail which prompted her to put in a new PIN. It then asked for her name for the voicemail name greeting.

I received an email over night saying that my voicemails had been reset, to restart my phone, and the set up my voicemail like it was the first time. It had not been reset. 

Back to chat so they could escalate it to the “voicemail team.” They keep saying it works fine. Voicemail does work great… still no visual voicemail. Now I got an email saying it was all working properly and there’s nothing else they can do. I still do not have visual voicemail - a service that’s been around and normal since 2007. 

This wouldn’t happen to be a Samsung phone? When my wife was on Visible we had to download a more recent version. The new version has a green Icon.

iPhone 13

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So here's the final verdict. Please keep in mind that this took over 8 hours, multiple resets, two different escalations, resetting the SIM multiple times, reprovisioning the line and the voicemail service, and 7 different chats now to figure the problem. I was even ensured that if I just switched plans to one of the new ones, received the new SIM, then it would work as expected. 


I was told today that because I bought my phone from Apple, that visual voicemail is not supported with visible and the only way to restore it to my device would be to buy a phone directly from them. It's a bunch of BS frankly. It's a carrier service that can be provided and has been around since 2007. Whether this is true or note from Visible doesn't change the fact that it worked just fine until about 3 weeks ago. It still works on another phone in our house. 


Six other people were unaware of this being the case as well as the escalation department. They can't explain why it worked before and offered to sell me a phone to solve the problem. I've talked with Verizon directly previously and oddly enough was told that people are regularly switching from Visible  to Verizon's unlimited plans. Yes, I'm aware that Verizon owns Visible, but they operate separately of course. Though it will cost be $10 more a month, it will work as expected, and based on my initial call, Verizon seems knowledgeable. Visible might be, too, but they've not yet displayed that they understand their products, how it works, and interacts for the customer experience. 

I bought my phone through Visible and I do not receive any VM notifications.  If I miss a call, I immediately call VM to see if there is a message.  My problems started after the latest Android update.  I could not open VM at all.  I have missed several important messages due to this issue.  I think that I am done with Visible. 


Wow, my iPhone SE 2022 purchased at Apple with eSIM works with Visual VM and new Visible service

Did you happen to try the “voicemail re-provisioning process” command with the virtual assistant?


I did try that. It was cool that it worked through the chatbot. However, it didn't solve it. 


Oddly, my wife's visual voicemail works just fine. We didn't her phone through them either. I always buy direct. And of course, mine worked until about three weeks ago. 


I understand the process of elimination for solutions, but I don't understand the 7 very different responses that I received that varied from from resetting network settings on my phone and waiting 24 hours for it to resolve, to switching to the new network, to buying my phone somewhere else prevents the service from functioning. It's a carrier service that is clearly broken and they can't seem to identify why. 

Reading the Verizon Comparison on their Voicemail

www.verizon DOT com/support/voice-mail-comparison/

When going to the account overview tab on your Visible web account page under your devices, is your iPhone listed correctly?

Does your’s match your wife’s?



This happened to me also. Here's what fixed it for me:


Go to Settings - Apps - Voicemail - Storage - Clear Data

Then Open Voice Mail and go through the prompts .

I’m pretty sure this settings path is for android. It doesn’t exist in iOS.