Worst so called "carrier" I have ever experienced!


I have seen some bad service from carriers but Visible has topped the list of worst carrier’s by far. I just joined and have had nothing but issues and a lot of wasted troubleshooting time as well as extremely rude customer service.

nothing but issues constantly and the "managers" within visible care are definitely in the wrong positions. I was hoping Visible was going to be a good switch but no it was a horrible switch and very robbing experience.


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Sorry to hear that. Wife and I have had nothing but good luck with Visible.


Did you do the 15 day free trial before porting your number?


I had a very rough beginning with Visible as well.  I set up my account on a Thursday evening on an email invitation from my brother-in-law.  The instructions said that my account would be activated once I received the SIM card, inserted it into my phone, the followed the instructions on the app.  The next morning, I had no cell service at all because Visible errantly ported my number four days before I would be receiving the SIM card.  I spent hours on chat and the phone between Verizon, (my previous carrier), and Visible.  The fact that I couldn't actually speak to someone was very frustrating! The Visible chat rep told me that it was "technologically impossible" to get my number back to Verizon and that I would just have to wait until I received the SIM card from Visible, in four days, to activate my account and number.  I kept getting bumped off of chats with one agent and would have to start all over again with another.  I asked for a Manager Call-Backs, and they would say that they would submit a ticket for one and that I would get a call sometime in the next three hours.  One manager sent me an email and lied saying that he called both numbers I had given and left messages.  Both of those numbers have a visible call log that logs every call, whether it was answered or not, and also a visual voicemail interface and no inbound calls were made and no voicemail left.  Didn't get a call back until the next day.  One of the chat agents tried to blame me for the problem saying that I should not have entered the Verizon Port PIN, which was a requirement to set up the account. 

My sister, who is the owner of our shared Verizon account, had to spend 4 & 1/2 hours on the phone with VZ Customer Care, to try and find a solution.  Finally, what Verizon did was send me to one of their stores to get a new SIM card with a temporary phone number, so that I wouldn't be without any cell service for the next four days.

When I did finally receive the SIM card from Visible on that following Monday morning, I installed the SIM card into my phone, followed the instructions for activating my account and cell line, but kept getting these error messages saying that something went wrong and for me to try again later.  On chat again with customer support, no one could figure out why I was getting the error messages, so they told me they were going to send the issue to their technical team who would look in the system's back end to figure it out.  They said that would be done within four hours.  Four hours would come and go with no contact from anyone, I would get on customer support chat again, and they would just tell me the same thing over and over again.  All of this time I am requesting a call from a Manager, which they told me they would submit for; but, I never got a callback from any manager. 

This went on for over 32 hours, and I never got my phone service up and working with Visible.  I called Verizon, explained the situation, and eventually, they said that they would just "reactivate" my original phone number without having to change SIM cards or do anything.  I used that Verizon line for the next three weeks, but kept having trouble with either the line or my account that I would have to call Verizon to get it fixed. 

Then, this past Sunday evening, though I didn't know it at the time, I lost all voice communications on my line, and could only text.  On Monday I spent over nine and a half hours on chat and phone with Verizon (then Visible), who couldn't figure out what was going on, and finally at 5:05 pm told me to go to a Verizon Store which they said would be open for two more hours.  A few minutes later while looking up the nearest Verizon store I discovered that they had all closed at 5:00 pm! 

Out of desperation, I got on to customer support chat with Visible.  After three and a half hours on chat with them I discovered that Verizon had never ported my number back from Visible, Visible still owned it and showed that my account had been "Activated", even though I could never connect & use my phone, and that when I hadn't payed my bill, the suspended my line! 

I was able to finally get my phone connected and working on the Visible network.  Because of all the CRAP I've had to go through, I'm going to try the Visible network for a while, and if they don't perform, I'll be going back to Verizon...



It seems like some have issues porting from Verizon to Visible and vice-versa, since it is not a true port, since they are part of the same company.


I hope you report back in a few weeks with an update on your experience with Visible.

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Wow, such a long detailed post. I couldn't imagine myself in that situation. Hope things work well for you now. We would like to hear more from you on your experiences after that in upcoming months.

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What issues did you have? What steps did you do to try and resolve your problems?

If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.


Hi, I'm going to direct two questions.  The original poster what issues did you have?  What did you do to resolve them?  @@@@@@@Oscar92570 these are the kind of experiences that users can't have it gives Visible a bad rep and they deserve that if these are the experience even a fractiont of the new customers are experie


I 100% agree. I have been trying for HOURS to set up Visible and port my current cell number over. I have chatted online with Visible staff and it has not been helpful. I feel like pulling my hair out. I'm pretty tech savvy and can figure out most things. Visible isn't accepting my PIN in order to port my number over from Spectrum. Julien suggested that I call Spectrum to get the correct PIN. I did. I spoke to five people there and they all gave me the same answer. I was using the correct PIN. Since the process wasn't working I asked for Visible to delete my account and refund me the $25 charge made a couple of hours earlier. Julien said they could only help me port my number over and they just needed the PIN to do that. Well that's exactly the help I was asking for! It feels like a Kafka novel. 


Yes indeed...  VERY poor customer service....    You could die of old age waiting for an agent on the chat..

Also, I would like to know why Visible advertises $30 monthly "all in" and my bill if $40 ?????