pSIM to eSIM stuck on one-time code


I’ve been trying to transfer service from an Android using pSIM to iPhone 14 using eSIM for a week now. Just tried with the latest version of the app and still same thing - the app says it sent a code to my old device, but I never receive anything.


I’ve even tried doing this on my friend’s Pixel 6 and the code also doesn’t arrive there.


Everything else works on the old phone - other texts (including customer verification), data, and voice.


Novice II

Visible will email you the code as well... they will text it as well as email it, then your good to go. Ran into this same issue, porting from Verizon into Visible. And noticed it was sitting in my email inbox all along. 

Same issue here and never received an email with the code. 


I too am having this issue except I’m not receiving the email with the code either. Kinda frustrating.