upgrade/change plan


Got notice that my plan was retired and had to get a new sim card to get the new plan, was supposed to go from $40 to $30. While waiting for card my service needed a payment. Received sim card the next day. I now have the sim card, but had to pay $40 to get the account reactivated. I now have this sim card, don't know what to do with it to get this said new and cheaper plan, and no help at all.



Hi @tfallender - Sounds like there are two issues here:

  1. You'd like a credit for the difference between $25 and the $40 you paid
  2. You would like to get moved over to the new plan since the old one is going away

For the first item, you will need to contact Visible Customer Care.  We are just users like you so we can't help with this.

For the second item, you will need to be somewhere with WiFi (or someone with Visible service and enabling the hotspot feature).  Once you have that sorted out, you can insert the new SIM card, launch the app, and it should allow you to complete the activation.  If you run into problems here, you can also get assistance from Visible Customer Care.

Ryan Blake - Information Technology Leadership Professional | Superusers are not employees of Visible, but are users just like you.
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