I made the mistake of purchasing Visible service. Seriously biggest mistake of my career. I care for elderly, disabled, & terminal patients in their home. I rely HEAVILY on my cellular service. I receive emergency life alert calls & texts,  I require service to call for help if need be, I require service to input patient vitals & statistics. I figured, Visible+ service would be great. Unlimited talk, text & data, and I can have watch cellular service for only $5.00 more!? Must be too good to be true! Well, it is.

From the start I was plagued with issues getting my Apple Watch activated on the network. I was able to have it activated, three months later after it was "escalated". Then, after upgrading to the Visible+, it happened again. My phone consistently doesn't work & is the MOST UNRELIABLE service I've EVER seen! TracFone has better service & reliablity! TRACFONE!? After another 5 months, HOURS & DAYS in chat queue & chat windows. Having to sign up for a Twitter account just to upload screenshots to Visible's "tech support" (absolutely ******** ridiculous!). Finally, I read an article on Redditt about others having the same issue. Found out, if you have a " ' " (as in D0DGE's Watch) in the name of your device, it causes issues when provisioning on the network. After changing my device's name to something with no special characters at all, I was finally able to activate my watch. Took 6 months in total, while being charged every month for the service I wasn't receiving, before my watches cellular began working. Now here we are again, "Announcement 803". Sitting in chat for another 3 hours to have my SIM re-provisioned onto the network. Ridiculous. Moral of the story, STAY THE **** AWAY FROM VISIBLE! CHOOSE ANY  OTHER NETWORK! You'll thank me later.