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Community Manager

So you're new here? Introduce yourself and share what you love about Visible. Not into bearing your soul?

Here is an icebreaker you can follow.


  • Describe your cellphone wallpaper
  • Teleportation or flying?
  • What brings you to Visible?


Also for existing members, lets welcome our newbies and make them feel at home!

Kudos and comments are the best for that. πŸ€Ÿ


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Plain black wallpaper - perfect for dark mode. Loving the service and rate for the most part. In busy area's, during rush hour, signal is spotty. I have written about it to customer service but never have gotten a response. Its not enough for me to switch to a different carrier but as I wrote in another post, I might consider leaving if we don't get support for Android based Wear OS watches in the near future.


Been loving my service for over two years. Great reception. I was tired of overpaying and glad to pass on my savings to other friends and family! I have a Dr. Who Van Gogh phone case. πŸ™‚

Welcome!! So happy to have you here as part of our growing Visible family!

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I switched after 4yrs from Straight Talk to Visible a few days ago and the service works perfectly with my iPhone 6s Plus. Easiest set up ever too! Under 15 minutes! I love that! I only had to pay $5 for my first month, and by joining a Party Pay, $25 there after! I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Literally LOVING Visible! πŸ₯° 


Hi, my name is Shawna. I'm trying to become a Visible member, by joining thru a group here already established so I can start for $5 & swapping for a new cell.  I must be doing something wrong and customer service was no help at all.  At the end when I try to finish up my cart to pay, then it tries to charge me for the new cell.  Can anyone here help me?  I'm not very tech savvy and not quite sure this question is for this discussion board either. I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong spot. Please direct me.  

Hi Shawna, 

Welcome! I would post this on the β€˜Need A Little Help’ discussion board. I haven’t had this problem but I’m sure people who may have are more than willing to help. πŸ™‚