Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and most other social media platforms has a "blocking" feature. Why doesn't this Visible community? ๐Ÿค” We should have the freedom and ability to shield ourselves from obnoxious people or individuals of our choosing.


Intermediate II

I don't use social media that much so I am a newbie that way.  I thought the Visible moderator was suppose to serve that function.



The moderator(s) whomever they may be occasionally respond to random and petty complaints. We need something more direct and personally objective. A simple blocking feature would let each individual decide without harming anyone's little feelings.

Novice III

I don't think there is enough traffic to warrant a blocking feature. 


i don't care about that but I will say that the only thing preventing me from switching from my carrier to Visible right now is the apparent lack of call blocking, the ability to block specific individual numbers so they can't even leave you voicemails or text you. I'll consider just getting a new number as an alternative but I would prefer not to do that